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Reporting Discrimination or Harassment

The College of New Jersey is committed to providing its current and prospective employees and students with a workplace/educational environment free from prohibited discrimination or harassment. Prohibited discrimination/harassment undermines the integrity of the academic environment and employment relationship, compromises equal employment opportunity, debilitates morale and interferes with the opportunity for all persons to fully participate in the academic, work and living environment of the College.

To achieve the goal of maintaining a work/educational environment free from discrimination or harassment, the College will not tolerate forms of discrimination or harassment based upon the protected categories listed below. This is a zero tolerance policy.  The College reserves the right to take either disciplinary action, if appropriate, or other corrective action, to address any unacceptable conduct that violates this policy, regardless of whether the conduct satisfies the legal definition of discrimination or harassment.

Affectional/Sexual Orientation
Atypical Hereditary Cellular or Blood Trait
Domestic Partnership Status
Familial Status
Gender Identity or Expression
Genetic Information
Liability for Military Service
Marital /Civil Union Status
National Origin
Sex/Gender (including pregnancy)
Sexual Harassment
Retaliation (for having filed a discrimination complaint, participating in a complaint investigation, or for opposing a discriminatory practice)

Any employee or student who believes that she or he has been subjected to any form of prohibited discrimination/harassment, or who witnesses others being subjected to such discrimination/harassment is encouraged to promptly report the incident(s) to:

Crystel Maldonado, Ed.D.
Director of Equal Employment Opportunity Programs
Roscoe West, 202E
(609) 771-2826

Students may also report such incidents to a Dean or the Provost of the College. Complaints about misconduct that do not involve discrimination or harassment based on the above protected categories may be reported by students to Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, or Human Resources (for allegations against other students, faculty or staff, respectively) and may be reported by employees to Human Resources.

All complaints and investigations shall be handled, to the extent possible, in a manner that will protect the privacy interests of those involved. To the extent practical and appropriate under the circumstances, confidentiality shall be maintained throughout the investigatory process.

TCNJ Discrimination Policy

Procedure for Internal Complaints

Discrimination Complaint Processing Form

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